Clandestine – Final Video

After countless time spent exporting and rendering, my final video is now complete.

Having footage about the upcoming election displayed next to the recording of a user internet shopping is meant to show how internet users are constantly flicking between topics and are easily distracted from one to another in the overflow of imagery and information.

I have tried really hard to have the audio cues hit at the same time as the video transitions, this links the soundscape and visuals really well. It means that the audience can envision and anticipate a change. Content wise I have tried to mix up the boring with the lively and exciting. The video is constantly jumping between loud and quiet and the visuals go from being in-your-face to giving you a breather. Overall I think this piece is quite exhausting to watch, its not something you would stand back and watch passively, it demands your full attention and every time you watch the loop I think you notice something different.

When this video plays on loop on my mac screen it transitions perfectly from end back to the beginning. I know however this is not the case when looping on the TV screens but this is something that is unavoidable. The TV screens have a pause in between and although this makes the actual length of the piece more obvious, I think the face pace of the video is more important to focus on.

Overall, I am satisfied with the final output of this project. I know if I where to have it installed differently, on a larger scale then I would be over the moon with it. But as for this presentation – it will have to do.



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