More Experiments With Video Footage

The above video shows further experimentation with editing footage. Here I have started to include clips from youtube and screen recordings from social media. This kind of footage is to promote the idea that this kind of watching that I am presenting can is happening in more ways than one.

Im not convinced that the grid layout of the footage is working; a lot of the time the corners are not lining up in the middle or there has been a gap around the edges. This is something that is easily fixable by just going over the project with a fine tooth comb and spending time perfecting. However, I wonder if this this meticulous process would add anything to the message of the work. I think maybe obscuring parts of the video more could frustrate the viewer as they are trying to watch these internet users but can’t quite get the full frame.

The above video is an attempt at distorting the footage that was presented in a very linear way earlier. Although Im not happy with the content of this video I think it is a step in the right direction, going back to having the videos play at different at different scales and positions will be more like you don’t know where to look. I think having the full screen covered is going to be the natural progression from this experimentation.

In this next video I really like the shots where the webcam surveillance fills the full frame. Although continually looking at this is going to become extremely boring. Im at a cross roads as to what I want to do with this footage next.

I also don’t think that this sequencing is at its final point either, some clips just don’t work that well together. I aim to make the final piece around 2 minutes 42 seconds as this is the average time of an internet video watched. I plan to have this on a loop in the installation because I know that the viewers won’t be entering and leaving at the beginning and end so I want it to be a continuous display, also this represents that the watching is continuous online.


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