Ideal and Actual Installation

In an ideal world, I would have loved to have presented Clandestine in a very similar way to my last project Division. 

This was presented through projectors in a studio setting. Parts of this installation can be seen below in the video and images.


I tried to book out the equipment out of the university loan shop however, as this week has been degree show installation week, I was unable to access any projectors.

I can envision having each of the web cam footage videos displayed large scale against surrounding walls so the viewer is encapsulated in the middle, watching and being watched from all angles. If I where to have installed in this way, with the audio from the footage playing from all angles, I don’t think that the other videos, such as screen recordings and viral clips, would’ve been necessary. I think the scale and experience would’ve been uncomfortable enough for the viewer to stand in. Especially if there where more participants so each wall was consistently changing.

For my actual installation I am having my video presented on a 22″ tv screen. Although this is a smaller scale than I would like, its is the best I could get in the degree show. Perhaps the part I am most excited about is that I am including a surveillance element still. The viewer of the work will be able to be viewed and they won’t necessarily know that they are.

I am doing this by having my video playing on the front side of the wall, with a camera recording this space from above, and live feeding this to another TV screen on the back. This is with the intention that the viewer will watch the video upon arrival at the exhibition and then when they’ve moved on around the space, they will only realise once they have lapped the whole way around that they where earlier being recorded as they see the feed on the back.


By using a go pro at the top of the wall, the camera is small enough to be less noticeable and I am hoping that when the video is playing, the viewer will be more distracted by that, rather than looking above them. Even if they do notice the camera, they won’t necessarily realise that the footage is being fed directly the other side of the wall.


Having the camera record from above is intentional to mirror that of a CCTV camera. Aesthetically, I want to leave the display information on screen too as this compliments the added filters on the webcam footage.

Having now installed my tv screens on the wall, I realise that if I present some of the clips quite small the detail may get lost, especially if the viewer stands a fair distance away.

Having the viewer of the work being viewed is paramount to my message with this project. I am very much reminded of Foucault’s panopticon with the thought that the viewer on the front side might be aware of the camera and that they’re being watched but they won’t definitely know that there is someone behind the wall. There could be no one watching. However, once the camera has been noticed they may shift their behaviour to act accordingly. Will they refrain from saying what they really think of the work because they might think that I (the artist) will have a record of their reaction? To me, this is a really interesting concept.


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