Explicit Content – In Two Minds

I’ve been really in two minds about including the pornography clips in my project. My initial concern was that it made me feel a bit uncomfortable as an artist to put my name next to this. Especially for my friends and family to see at the Unwritten exhibition. Its definitely not something you would expect from me knowing me from outside my art practice.

This unease for me personally came when I played my video during the installation today as when the nude scenes appeared on screen it was greeted with laughing, squealing and pointing. If this is the response from fellow artists then I dread to think what less critical thinkers response would be.

I have always intended for Clandestine to be an comfortable piece to watch but never a humorous one. This worries me so close to the deadline that I maybe relied on this explicit element to be the sole focus of unease. Because I feel uncomfortable putting my name to this piece, I just assumed that would be the general consensus to the viewer too.

I still stand by my previous opinion that these things work but I think I just need to reconsider my approach to including the footage.

I have experimented with just including the audio and having the webcam footage play alongside this.

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 16.23.05.png

This would mean the webcam footage filled the frame over the top of this. An idea I quite like as it lets the viewers imagination decide what the viewer is watching and what the heavy breathing and moaning is.

Also, when watching CCTV footage there isn’t usually a high volume of noise so I had planned to keep my soundscape relatively simple.

An example of this experimentation can be seen below.



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