Video Experimentation

This next experimentation video shows the starting process of including other elements next to the webcam users. I think elements of this work, having the footage broken up rather than constantly filling the frame gives the footage space to breathe but yet disrupts the banality of simply watching someone type.

Surprisingly to me, I actually think the pornography clips work well. Voyeurism isn’t something I had particularly considered including but it seems to be the one added element to the webcam videos that adds to the uncomfortable feeling of making private moments public.

Watching and being watched is the central concept to this work; although I personally feel rather uncomfortable editing and presenting this work, I know that the work will not be as effective without it. In order to make the audience feel uncomfortable, I guess the artist has to feel a sense of that too. Voyeurism and surveillance both question who is looking at who and introduces ideas around power and pleasure.

Surveillance is typically thought of as evidence of incriminating behaviour from a distance. This is no longer the case in the 21st century. Social media accommodates a type of possessive individualism and allows for a public platform for personal surveillance. This type of self promotion is exactly that, promotion. Instagram shows the best, and somewhat fabricated, parts of its users lives. Most internet users only post the highlights of their lives, boasting to their followers of how great their lives are but most of the time this isn’t the case behind the scenes.

I think this is something I need to keep in mind when continuing with my editing process. I think social media needs to be included more and there needs to be more of a fabricated story line.

Yes, at the moment it looks like internet users have been hacked and they may be watching porn but I still don’t think this has been pushed to the extreme. I need to think about how I can make this video much more uncomfortable and shocking.

Are any of the candidates suffering from health issues? Could I include internet searches of them looking for help? Could it be mental health issues? Is there a fatal end to one of them?

I know that these story lines are fabricated but that doesn’t mean that the audience has to. I want to make them believe and have genuine concern for themselves and the privacy of the users.



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